Recipe for National Café Au Lait Day – February 17


February 17th has been chosen as National Café Au Lait Day.

What is Café Au Lait ? It is French for “coffee with milk” but traditional cafe au lait isn’t just coffee with any milk.  It’s coffee with hot milk.

In honor of the holiday, KRUPS, the leader in coffee makers and kitchen appliances, has provided a Café Au Lait  recipe for you to enjoy.


Café Au Lait


  1. Brew Coffee / Espresso
  2. Warm Equal Parts Whole Milk or Half-and-Half (heat only until 150⁰F or milk will curdle)
  3. Pour Coffee and Milk into Cup to mix and viola! Your Café Au Lait is ready!

**Kick up your Café Au Lait flavor by adding cocoa, mint or french vanilla to your brewed coffee for a unique flavor each morning. Same steps apply.

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