40% off Makeup Sponges: 12 Sponges for a buck a piece!

Girl, replace those makeup sponges! ‘K? You can afford to with this deal!

Click here to get 40% off this 12 piece Makeup Sponges Blender Set. It’ll be 12 bucks for 12 sponges after the 40% discount!

  • The Makeup Sponge Blender can be used with: Powder foundation Liquid/Cream Foundation/Concealer/BB Cream CCCream/ Bronzers Primers /Cream Blushes.
  • All XINJUE makeup sponges are made of non-latex materials, which have a super soft & bouncy feel XINJUE blender can provide you with a smooth even look, it’s suitable for various cosmetics.
  • Dry & wet dual-use blending sponge turns bigger when fully wet, dab it evenly to form a gorgeous makeup
  • Beauty makeup blender sponge Set contains 2 shapes

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