Save $10 off Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game

I spend the entire month (or more!) before Christmas looking for/reasearching board games and card games and I start making a list of ones to watch for sales.

One of those for this year is the Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game.

  • QUICKLY COLLECT RESOURCES, RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES, BUILD WONDERS, AND PREPARE FOR WAR! Age of Civilization is a streamlined pocket card game version of the well-known civilization game for 1-4 players. Unlike other card games each player can play as 3 civilizations in 30 minutes!
  • UNIQUE GAMING MECHANISM ALLOYS FOR AMAZING REPLAYABILITY – The set-up for every game is greatly different, providing a high replay-ability to players. Players will have to analyse the characteristics of every era you are facing and make the best choice for your kingdom development.
  • DEVELOPS YOUR CRITICAL SKILLS – During the game, players will have use the cards to reveal different challenges to overcome. Each kingdom has different strengths and weaknesses and you will need your wit and determination to develop a culture for your people, build your empire and conquer for glory!
  • WHO IS THIS GAME FOR? Age of Civilization is the perfect board game for adults teens and kids who are into turn based strategy games, especially those who want a quick game in 30 minutes or less!

There is currently a $10 off coupon you can clip on the Amazon page for Age of Civilization Strategy Card Game which will make it only $17.99!



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