FREE Pirates All Aboard Nintendo Switch Game | Possible 12 more FREE games!

Looking for free Nintendo Switch games to entertain the kids (or yourself)? Check out this opportunity!

Head here and subscribe to the free newsletter by email. You will then get a confirmation email. After you have confirmed your email, you will get an additional email with a unique code for the free Pirates: All Aboard! game!

Want to score 12 more FREE No Gravity Nintendo Switch Games during their 12 Games of Christmas Newsletter Giveaway? Each day, one title will be revealed and will have a 100% Off Owner Discount for that day only!

Note that if you forget to redeem any of the previous free titles on their release date, you won’t be eligible for the rest. The titles in the lineup will only become available free for users who have the previous ones added to their accounts.

Since this started on December 5th, you will have to purchase the previous games (at a big discount) to access the free ones on the remaining days.

The games are about two bucks a pop, so not terrible for 2-3 games to get you caught up to get 9-10 more for FREE!

But, regardless of when you sign up, the Pirates: All Aboard game is completely free!

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