Discounted Gift Cards to Michael’s, JCPenney, Gap and more | Up to 20% off!


I can’t believe I’m the only one that didn’t know you could BUY stuff from Paypal.  Did you know that?

And right now, they’re offering discounted gift cards to help with your holiday shopping!

Some of your options are:

  • $50 Michael’s gift card for $40
  • $50 Bath & Body Works gift card for $42.50
  • $50 Petsmart gift card for $42.50
  • $50 Domino’s gift card for $42.50
  • $50 JCPenney gift card for $40
  • $50 Gap options gift card for $40
  • and more!

You’ll need a Paypal account to purchase this deal.  Gift cards are digital and available immediately!

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