Amazon: Get up to $15 back on specialty gift cards | Domino’s, Cheesecake Factory, Regal + more!

Here’s a great deal from Amazon! I love how the savings work out on this. You can either purchase the gift cards to give as gifts and use the Amazon credit on yourself (or on gifts!) Or you can purchase a gift card you know you’ll use and benefit from the Amazon credit too!

Get up to $15 in Promotional Credit with a Gift Card Purchase at Amazon! Check out this page for details.

For example, I know we will be going to the movies next month for my birthday, so I’m going to get the $50 Regal gift card – I’m basically just advanced paying for our movie – and I’ll get $10 to spend on Amazon!

Each Gift Card deal has a special code to use at checkout, so make sure you do that so you’ll get your credit!

A couple of Pizza nights this month sounds like a great idea!  You can get $10 for purchasing $50 worth of Domino’s gift cards with code PIZZA22.

There’s shopping, food, digital products, entertainment and more to choose from!

This is a Cyber Monday deal so when Cyber Monday is over, so is this deal! Get it now!

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