NERF Elite Deluxe Tactical Gear Pack – under Ten Bucks!

This is an EXCELLENT Christmas gift for your NERF-loving kids! And it’s less than ten bucks! You won’t find a better deal on this many NERF-branded accessories!

NERF Elite Deluxe Tactical Gear Pack – Tactical Vest with Hip Holster, Cinch Backpack, and 5 Targets – just eight bucks on Amazon right now!

  • DELUXE PACK WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED Includes Tactical Vest, Cinch Backpack, Hip Holster, 5 Targets.
  • ADJUSTABLE VEST Tactical Vest stores plenty of darts and clips and has mesh backing for comfort.
  • ATTACHABLE HIP HOLSTER Clip the holster to the vest for easy access during your next battle.
  • PERFECT YOUR AIM The Deluxe Gear Pack comes with 5 reusable targets to practice on.
  • COME PREPARED Transport your gear between missions with the Cinch Backpack

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