*LOWEST PRICE* Monopoly Marvel: Falcon and the Winter Soldier Edition under $11!

Ok, I saw this a couple weeks ago for $12.50 and I knew it would be a great Christmas present for G but I didn’t get it and the priced crept back up to $21.99.  So I decided to be patient and I got lucky MUCH sooner than I thought I would!

Right now MONOPOLY: Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Edition Board Game is $10.80 which is over $11 off it’s regular price of $21.99!

  • MONOPOLY GAME FOR MARVEL FANS: Take control as the Flag Smashers and other powerful forces cause chaos in a post-Blip world in this edition of the Monopoly board game
  • INCLUDES 6 MONOPOLY TOKENS: Play as a favorite character from Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier original series in this board game for ages 14 and up
  • THE LEGACY OF THE SHIELD: Earn Captain America symbols. Once you take control of each event in a color set, you can add Stars and upgrade to Shields to charge more rent
  • MARVEL-THEMED GAME BOARD: The 3 types of properties on the board are events such as Rise of a New Hero; hostile forces such as Super Soldiers; and Wakandan tech which are Redwing and Flight Suit
  • FAMILY BOARD GAME: Imagine favorite moments with Cap’s old friends Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, as well as John F. Walker, Sharon Carter, Baron Zemo and others in this Marvel-themed Monopoly game

And yes, I ordered it this time!  It’ll be under the Christmas tree!

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