*Halloween Idea* Ceramic Skull for your Firepit – under $10!

Someone out there needs one of these. You know who you are.

Have fun with your fire pit this Halloween for under ten bucks!

Yes, for less than a Hamilton you can turn your ordinary fire pit into something truly terrifying with a Ceramic Human Skull for the Firepit.

It is made of high-quality, heat-resistant ceramicthat can withstand temperatures as high as 302.0 ° F and can be reused and burned repeatedly.

To get this deal, you first need to make sure the 30% off coupon on the item page has been selected.

Then you’ll need to use code EKUNYXQ3 at checkout.

You can see that drops the price to just $9.74!

Both deals are applicable to the larger version of the item as well but it is also priced about $15 more before discounts.

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