Amazon: $10 off $30 worth of select school supplies


How is the back to school shopping going?

Amazon is running a limited-time, Save $10 on $30 worth of select school supplies sale.

Lots of Sharpie, Expo, Prismacolor, Paper Mate and Elmer’s products included.

These are certainly not the lowest price back to school deals are going to see. Most of the items in this sale are bulk items – great for classroom packs, teacher supplies or if you’re buying pens and glue for multiple kids.

You can pick out 2-4 bulk items from this sale to reach the $30 threshold to save $10 and walk away feeling good about how much you got for your dollar.  But if you don’t need a pack of 36 pens or 12 bottles of glue this is not your sale.  But be sure to tell a teacher about it!

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