Shark Week Fun: “Shark-uterie” Board | Free Printable Decorations

Shark Week 2022 starts on July 24th on the Discovery Channel.

If your kids love all things Shark Week or just sharks in general, how about serving up some fun snacks for their shark viewings?

Make them a Shark Charcuterie Board – or what I call a “Shark-uterie” Board.

shark week snacks

I know, it’s a terrible pun – but look how fun it is!!  I even have the printable shark mouth, fins and life rings for you! 

click here to get the shark printables

I did adjust the sizes a little before I finalized the printable so the fins and rings are smaller than what’s on my board.

Keep reading below and I’ll tell you exactly what I used on my board!

shark week snacks

Shark-uterie Board for Shark Week

Shark-uterie Board Snacks found on my board in the pictures above”

Other ideas:

What would you add?


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