CVS: ExtraThanks FREEBIE for Saturday, 7/16

Don’t miss your freebie at CVS for Saturday, July 16.   Today, you get FREE CVS Dental Floss Picks.

Have you noticed? Even though these are supposed to be one-day only freebies, when I got to check what each day’s freebie is, the previous day’s freebie is still there.  In fact, if you notice each day’s freebie has the following day as the expiration date!  So be aware of that when you’re planning your shopping trips!

And check back all next week for more free items to pick up at CVS!

It’s time for the CVS ExtraThanks event!  Read more below and get a sneak peek at what the rest of the week holds:

CVS shoppers!  Do you have the CVS app?

Check your CVS app every from July 10th to the 23rd to score a FREE item! Must be an ExtraCare member to redeem. Simply check the app daily to see what freebie you’ll be offered each day.  Send the coupon to your Extracare card and redeem in store.

I’ve been telling y’all that couponing is HOT at CVS again – especially if you have CVS Carepass.  And this Extra Thanks Event is CVS’ way of saying thanks for shopping their deals!

We have a couple of mystery days – you’ll have to check your app to see what you can get free that day.  And there are a couple days during the event that the freebie will be ExtraCare Bucks – that you can spend on whatever you want!  Make your own freebie!


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