{Amazon Prime Day} Select Prime Channels $.99/month for 2 Months

Are you a “no cable” home but there’s a show you’ve been wanting to see?  For a limited time you can buy select channels for $.99 a month for 2 months!

Finish your summer with epic movie nights from the Paramount+ Channel or STARZ – both included in the $.99 sale!

Enjoy specialize channels like UP Faith & Family and Motortrend Channel for $.99 per month for 2 months!

There are even kid channels like PBS Kids and Noggin!

Get your fill of Hallmark Movies with Hallmark Movies Now Channel!  Or watch all the PBS Masterpiece series with the PBS Masterpiece channel – both part of the $.99 sale!


 Plus, LOTS MORE not listed here.  Browse all the $.99 channels HERE.

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