Prime Members: FREE $10 Amazon Credit!

I earned my FREE $10 Amazon credit for Prime Day shopping!

Have you earned yours yet?

It’s as easy as activating the offer and then completing the four activities to earn four stamps.

When all the activities are completed, you’ll have $10 to spend on Amazon.  NOTE that this comes as a CREDIT that will automatically applied to your next purchase.  It will not be a gift card code.

You don’t have to wait until Prime Day to use it – you can use it right away!  However, it DOES EXPIRE when Prime Day is over so don’t wait too long to spend it!

Just in time for Prime Day shopping, Amazon is giving Prime members a chance to snag a $10 credit for your purchases!

It’s as easy as completing your Amazon Stampcard.   Click the button that says, Activate your Stampcard and then complete these four tasks by July 13th:

  1. Make a Prime-eligible purchase
  2. Stream a show on Prime Video
  3. Listen to a song with Prime Music
  4. Borrow an eBook on Prime Reading

That’s it!  Just do those four things (which are free to do, except making the purchase) and you’ll get $10!

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