Woot! is having Prime Day Deals for Amazon Prime Members!

Did you know that Amazon Prime Members always get FREE shipping at Woot? 

And right now, Woot! is having Prime Appreciation Days with special deals just for Amazon Prime Members!  Prime Appreciation Days are happening through March 27th! 


The deals are on so many things from so many categories that you have no idea what you’ll find!   Plus, don’t forget, you’re going to get free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime Member!  Thanks to Woot!, Prime Members get TWO Prime Savings events a year!

I’m checking out all these Men’s Sportswear deals for my teenager!  Shorts and T-shirts are his preferred fashion and there are Woot! deals for that!

Woot! even carries Amazon devices at discounts!  Like right now, you can get the Amazon Fire TV Stick for 50% off!


Woot! is the original daily deals site, founded in 2004 and snatched up by Amazon in 2010. Originally, Woot! offered just one product per day until it sold out. Today, Woot! offers special daily deals and other limited-time offers across seven categories, including computers, electronics, home and sporting goods, plus original t-shirts, on Woot.com.

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