Ibotta: THREE NEW Extra Cash Bonuses | Weekend, Snowflake and Merry & Bright!

‘Tis the season!  We woke up to a plethora of extra cash bonuses from Ibotta this morning!

First up is the Weekend Wonderland Bonus. Redeem any* 15 offers** before the end of 12/5 and you’ll earn an extra $3.00 (or whatever your bonus states).  I stress an extra because that’s cash back in addition to the rebate amounts on the offers AND any other active bonuses.

We should expect to see these bonuses (amounts may vary) every weekend this month.

Next up we have the Snowflake Bonus!

Redeem any 21 offers by 12/12 and get an extra $10!

That’s a heck of a bonus!  And don’t forget, Ibotta’s bonuses stack.  So your 15 offers you redeem for the Weekend Wonderland bonus will also count towards the 21 needed for this bonus!

Which is great, because we aren’t done with this month’s bonuses yet:

You have ALL MONTH to earn the Merry & Bright Bonus – $30 for redeeming 90 offers by 12/31/21!

So all total, this is $43 in extra cash from Ibotta!!  (Plus any other bonuses that pop up during the month – which should be easy to snag if you’re working your way towards the 90 offer Merry & Bright bonus!)

Have you noticed that Any Store and Any Brand offers are counting toward bonuses now?  It’s right there in the fine print!

*Multiple redemptions of the same rebate count as 1.

**Mid-week money maker bonuses can vary by user.  Be sure to check your app!


Have you signed up for Ibotta?  It’s a great money-saving app for your smartphone!  You “clip” the coupons you want.  Then when you purchase those items from a participating retailer you scan your receipt with your phone, scan the image barcodes and you get the cashback!  Plus, you can still use coupons in the store on the items, saving you EVEN MORE!

Don’t forget to check out the new “Bonuses” and “Store Extras” section of your app.

What are you waiting for?? Sign up for Ibotta today so you don’t miss out on any savings!

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