Hallmark Wrapping Paper Packs 88-120sq ft under Ten Bucks!

Buy wrapping paper NOW so you don’t have to pay full price next Christmas! Here’s some steals on Amazon for Hallmark Wrapping paper!

First up is REVERSIBLE wrapping paper which I think is genius because if you notice, one side is Christmas and the other could pass for birthday paper!  Two occasions, one roll of wrapping paper!

Hallmark Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper for Kids (3 Rolls: 120 sq. ft. ttl) Orange and Teal Stripes, Trees, Ornaments, Polka Dots – $9.75 (reg $14.99)

Hallmark Christmas Wrapping Paper Bundle with Cut Lines on Reverse, Kraft (Pack of 4, 88 sq. ft. ttl) Red Trucks, Snowflakes, Stripes, Merry Christmas – $8.97 (reg $14.99)

Hallmark Recyclable Christmas Wrapping Paper with Cut Lines on Reverse (3 Rolls: 90 sq. ft. ttl) Kraft Brown with Santas, Green Trees, Red Stripes – $8.44 (reg $14.99)

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