Amazon Black Friday Deal: Tactical Vest Kit and Accessories for Nerf Guns

This Kids Tactical Vest Kit + Darts for Nerf Guns is on sale.  G has asked for this several times but I haven’t gotten it for him.  This Christmas just might be his Christmas to finally get it!

  • ►Tactical vest for Nerf fans: plenty of room for nerf darts, magazines and even small blasters. Kids will be fitted and ready for battle!
  • ►This Tactical Vest Kit includes: 1 x Vest; 1x Dart Pouch; 1 x Tactical Mask;1 x Reload Clips; 1 x Protective Glass;1 x Wrist Band;30 x refill darts. Enough firepower for Nerf guns wars!

Kids Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns with Refill Darts Dart Pouch, Reload Clip Tactical Mask Wrist Band and Protective Glasses – $16.99 (save $3)

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