Walmart: Mainstays 700w Microwave $37.41

So, our microwave blew up yesterday. Yes, blew up.  Loud popping sounds, sparks and smoke.  All the things that constitute blowing up.

So, UGH, I had to go to the only store I was going to be near yesterday that I knew would have microwaves… Walmart.

I was determined to go in and grab the cheapest one.

Well, the cheapest one that have is the Mainstays 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700W Microwave Oven for $49.88.

BUT, they had it in RED and it was PRETTY.

So I grabbed the red one.

It rang up $37.41 at the register!  What?!?  That’s over $12 off the regular price plus it saved in tax too. It was only $41.15 with tax – at regular price it would’ve been $54.87!

I checked online and the red and white versions are priced at $39.88 but are out of stock. The black one is listed at $49.88.  If I had grabbed the black on instead, I might have ended up paying full price.

So things worked out well for me yesterday.  I saved money even though I had an unexpected expense.  And isn’t my new microwave a beauty?

If you need one, head to the closest Walmart and see if you can find the Mainstays 0.7 Cu. Ft. 700W Microwave Oven on sale!

Need to order online?  The cheapest one available online is the Proctor Silex 0.7 Cu.ft Black Digital Microwave Oven for only $35.00!    Plus, that’s just enough to score FREE shipping from Walmart too!

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