My Favorite Tees $10.99 shipped!


I love comfy, versatile tees!  And these top the list of my FAVORITES.  I own five now.  But I’m about to own more!  A friend of mine does custom designs on tees and she has some CUUUUTE designs!  I’m buying these shirts for her to make me some custom tees.

These are longer length tees too which are the best!  And soooo soft!  And shipping is free right now!  That makes them at their lowest possible price – which is a great time to buy!

Soft Longer Length Short Sleeve Tees | 64 colors to choose from  – $10.99 with FREE shipping! 

Need some fall and winter tees?  Soft, Long Length LONG SLEEVED Tees for $16.99 with free shipping.

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