Fun for Kids: Printable Minecraft Mad Libs | Download one for FREE


So I’m leading a Minecraft group at our Homeschool co-op.  We do fun things like design Minecraft worlds on graph paper, design pixel art, play Minecraft games, talk about Minecraft, etc, etc.. And I have been on the hunt for more fun group activities and games to do.  I thought Minecraft mad libs  would be fun.  Everyone loves the silliness that is a good Mad Lib!  But I couldn’t find any!

The only Minecraft Mad Libs book on Amazon has terrible reviews (it’s not made by Mad Libs but some foreign company and the grammar is atrocious and some of the fill-in-the-blank items are inappropriate – per the review and pictures I saw.)

So, with no luck finding a book, I thought surely someone has made some and put them online.  No such luck with a Pinterest search!  I found some images but the link they lead to was dead.  So I went over to Teachers Pay Teachers – SURELY a teacher has made them for their students.


So, the next step was to make them myself!  Which I did.  And I tested them on my 12 year old.  They get his seal of approval!  And since no one else has done it, I’m sharing it with you!

You can download my “Welcome to Minecraft Mad Lib” right here.

printable minecraft mad libs

I made a total of three Minecraft Mad Libs printables. The first one, Welcome to Minecraft, is available to download at the link above for free.

The printable set of all three Minecraft-themed Mad Libs is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $1.00.

Shop for more Mad Libs on Amazon.

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