12 Hunt’s Snack Packs (48 pudding cups!) Nine Bucks SHIPPED!

My kiddo would eat four of these a day if I let him.  This is a super deal!  I can regularly get the 4 packs in the store for $1.  I can get the Aldi brand for $.88.  This deal even beats that!

There’s a 20% coupon to clip on Hunt’s Snack Pack 48 cups.

Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding Cups, 4 Count, 12 Pack (48 total cups) is $12.00.  Clip the coupon good on your first Subscribe & Save order and you’ll save that 20%, plus the 5% S&S savings AND get FREE shipping! 

It’ll come out to just $9.00 – that’s just $.19 per cup!  That’s cheaper than the store when they sell them for $1 per 4 pack! 

Your savings will be more if you have 5 or more items in your monthly subscribe & save.

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