Postage Stamp increase on August 29, 2021


Another postage stamp increase is happening in 2021…we made it just over 2 years after back to back increases in January of 2018 and 2019.

This is now the FIFTH time since 2012 I’ve had to write about a postage stamp increase.  On August 29, 2021, a First-Class Forever Stamp is going up three cents!   Starting, 8/29, a first class postage stamp will now cost you $.58.  If you buy them by the book (20 stamps) the price goes up $.60 to $11.60.

The good thing about the Forever stamps, is that any that stamps you buy prior to August 29th will still get your mail where it needs to go even after the price increase.  So if you usually send a lot of Christmas cards, I’d buy stamps now.

Postcard stamps and metered letters will also have increases. Go here for more details.



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