Woot! 17th Birthday Celebration with DEALS

Woot! An Amazon company, is having it’s 17th birthday and is celebrating by giving YOU the gifts in the form of savings!

Woot offers FREE Shipping for Amazon Prime Members and sometimes their deals are specifically for Prime Members! Plus, Woot! is a great source for discount Amazon Devices, like right now where you can popular devices for $16.99 – $34.99

For the 17th birthday celebration, check out the Birthday Prime Days Store for exclusive Prime Member Deals!

And don’t miss the Woot! Birthday Liquidation Sale!

Here are some other hot deals you don’t want to miss:

Daresay Men’s Athletic Shorts 5 Pack for $26.99

Amazon Echo (1st Generation) for $24.99

Echo Glow Smart Lamp for Kids for $16.99

Learn more about why you should shop Woot!:

  • About Woot!: Woot!, an Amazon Owned Company, offers a wide range of daily deals that can appeal to every type of customer on thousands of items, along with a hefty dose of silliness and snark. We’re also famous for our “Bags of Crap” and our Woot-Offs. Woot! customers who are Amazon Prime members can also enjoy special shipping benefits on Woot!, including: Free Standard shipping on Woot! orders AND Free Express shipping on Shirt Woot! orders. You’ll be able to have access to their full product feed so you can decide which items you’d like to promote on your site. Some of our merchandise is even discounted up to 70%, and that’s 70% off the item price, not the item quality or size! How great is that?
  • Events: Woot! has tons of awesome events they do each month!
    • Woot Off!  It’s a day-long gauntlet of unannounced deals, with deals launching every 30 minutes or so. Woot-offs don’t happen often, but when they do, you’ll want to check back so you don’t miss the super-cheap prices and limited-quantity offers
    • Bags of Crap (or BOCs, as we call ’em). Seriously, they’ll sell anything. A BOC is a random collection of stuff that we shove into a box and sell to you. Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. You’ll never know when they’ll appear, or what you’ll get!
    • Garage Sale.  Woot’s garage sale range from a couple days to about a week where many of the best deals are featured and often sell out!  Liquidation event with inventory that they have tried selling for a month or month and a half and trying to get rid of it.  Not open box but cheapest price. Marketed to not wait for garage sale, happens 1x a month. Items are across all of the categories, 80-120 items and left on for two weeks. Normally start on Tuesdays.
    • Deal-o-meter is our way of giving our customers a chance to influence the price of our deal. If enough customers come and vote for a deal we’ve selected, we will reduce the price of that deal the next day.
    • Shenanigans. Daily polls, jokes, and monkey chats from our monkey mascots, Mortimer and Monte


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