Diapers (and 10 other surprising items) that are Tax Exempt during Tax Free Shopping Weekends 2021

Did you know that DIAPERS will be tax free in most states that are having “Back to School Tax Free Shopping Weekends”?  Yes!  DIAPERS!


Here’s a list of other items that you might not have thought of that are tax free:

  • Printers
  • Printer Ink
  • Computers
  • Computer Software (excluding games)
  • Books that are under $30 per book
  • Paint (acrylic, tempura and oil)
  • Clay and glazes
  • Adult diapers
  • Some infant items (baby bibs, receiving blankets) (select states – see lists)
  • Pajamas

Be sure to check your state list just to confirm.  List of participating states and their weekends below — keep scrolling!


Here’s a list of states having a back-to-school-tax free shopping weekend for 2017!  Tax free does not mean that the tax rate will be 0% in all areas.  Participating states will be waiving the STATE tax but there are still city and county taxes.  Some cities and counties may waive their taxes as well.  Check your state link for more details.  It may be beneficial to drive to another city or across county lines if the one you’re in is not waiving the additional taxes.

Tax free weekends start in July in some states.  Most states have it the first weekend in August.  Some offer it for a full week.  Not all states offer a tax free shopping weekend.

  • Alabama: July 16-18
  • Arkansas: August 7-8
  • Connecticut: August 15-21
  • Florida: July 31 – August 9
  • Iowa: August 6-7 (only valid on select clothing)
  • Maryland:  August 14-15 (only valid on shoes and clothing)
  • Mississippi: July 30-31 (only valid on clothing)
  • Missouri: August 6-8
  • New Mexico: August 6-8
  • Ohio: August 6-8
  • Oklahoma: August 6-8  (clothing and shoes only)
  • South Carolina:  August 6-8
  • Tennessee: July 30 – Aug 1 (Tennessee also offers tax free on FOOD from July 30 – Aug 7!
  • Texas: August 6-8
  • Virginia: August 6-8
  • West Virginia: July 30-Aug 2

Full details for each state listed HERE.

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