Target: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Games, Puzzles, Movies, Books & Activity Kits!

Target is having a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE sale that includes card and board games, books and movies!  And some of the items in the B2G1 sale are discounted already.  This is savings on top of savings on top of savings!

PLUS, hurry and buy gift cards in the amount of the purchase you plan to make and save 5% off the gift cards (ends 6/19!)

Let’s take a look some of the things you can get!

Switch up Family Game Night with some new games! Purchase Pictionary ($15.99) and 5 Second Rule ($14.69) and get the Hocus Pocus Board Game FREE!

Check out these Buffalo Games Puzzles!  They have STAR WARS!  Several different Star Wars Puzzles to be exact!  You can buy THREE Star Wars Puzzles for $17.98!

Activity Kits are great to keep the kids busy during the summer!  Look at all the $9.99 options!  That means you can get three activity kits for $19.98!

The are infinite ways to mix and match this deal!  And don’t forget, it includes books and movies too!