Ibotta: Grab a FREE Bai Drink at multiple stores!

Grab a freebie with your phone! Ibotta has an offer for a FREE Bai drink (Strawberry Kiwi flavor only) and you can get it at several major stores so chances are you can grab it FREE near you!

It’s available at Publix, Walmart (including pickup/delivery), Target, CVS, and Walgreens!

Looking for more free stuff?  Ibotta has added something to the app that will be VERY useful!  Check it out!

When you open your Ibotta app and you’re at the “Home” screen (you’ll know you’re there because the “Home” icon at the bottom of your screen will be highlighted) scroll alllll the way to the bottom.

Yeah, I know, I hardly ever scroll down.

But when you do, you’ll see a “Special deals” category.  You may have to swipe through the offers, but eventually you’ll see a banner that says, “Free Made Easy”.

When you tap the “Free Made Easy” banner you will find ALL the FREE (and even BOGO) offers in the app in ONE PLACE!


Now, there isn’t yet a way to make it show you freebies at just one store but I’ll tell you how you can check to see where you can snag these freebies.

Under each item offer there is a store logo. That’s pretty straightforward.  That means the offer is available at that store.  But if you see some icon “shadows” behind it, that means it is available at multiple stores.  You can tap on the item offer and it will show you all the stores that offer is available.

Sometimes you will see one and there are no icon shadows – that’s an easy way to tell that it is available only at the one store you can see.