Six Quick Ways to Snag FREE Amazon Gift Cards for Prime Day Shopping!

Prime Day is just around the corner and might be a nice time to do some of that Christmas (or whatever) shopping.  Wouldn’t it be great to do it with a free Amazon Prime Day Gift card?

If you’ll hurry, you can snag some quick Prime Day spending money!  Check out these ways to get a free Amazon Prime Day gift card!

free amazon prime day gift card

Earn Amazon gift cards before Prime Day:

Prime Members get a $10 credit for purchasing $40 or more in Amazon gift cards!  This is a great way to stretch your Christmas budget!  If you already know you’re going to do Christmas shopping on Amazon (which, of course you are!), spend $40 NOW and you’ll have $50 to spend on Christmas presents later!  Use code GIFTFORPD21.

You have until June 20th to shop a small business on Amazon and get a $10 credit to spend on Prime Day!  Look for an email after purchase to claim your credit.  $10 credit can ONLY be used on Prime Days – June 21 & 22!

Sign up for MyPanera Rewards now through June 22 and you’ll score a FREE $3 Amazon Prime Credit* to spend on Amazon Prime Day!

*NEW MyPanera members only. Credit is valid for Amazon Prime Members only.  Can ONLY be used June 21 or 22 during Amazon Prime Days. You will receive the link in your email after you sign up.

  • Turn your change into Amazon money!

This one is listed below in my list of ways to snag gift cards all year long, but it bears mentioning here because if your change jar is overflowing, you can turn that into Amazon money!   Coinstar lets you cash out to an Amazon gift card WITH NO FEES!  Keep all your money!  Find a Coinstar near you.

  • Join Fetch Rewards

You can find Fetch Rewards in your device’s app store.  Just download it to get started.  Be sure to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code so you will get EXTRA points after redeeming your first receipt!  Scan all your receipts between now and Prime Day and you’ll have FREE Amazon money to spend!

Download the Fetch Rewards app and get started!  Be sure to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code.  You’ll get 2000 points!  You can start redeeming at 3000 points – a $3 Amazon gift card is 3000 points.


Click here to find out how you can earn a $10 Amazon gift card in a week!

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