Yeti, Set, Go! Board Game under seven bucks!

Summer is a great time to pull out some new, fun games to learn how to play.  I love family game night!

Here’s one to check out because it’s currently 66% off it’s regular price of $19.99!  That’s a steal!

From the makers of the award-winning Yeti in My Spaghetti comes Yeti, Set, Go!

Get Yeti, Set, Go! for just $6.87 right now while it’s 66% off regular price!

Yeti is at it again, and this time he has friends!

Kick your meatballs onto the mountain! You and your Yeti are a team…a mean, lean kickin’ team! It’s up to you to aim Yeti and then bop him on the head to make him start kickin’ meatballs, trying to get them onto the mountain ledges! The first to get all four on wins!

I also posted this great book of projects that’s marked down over $10 off in the All Amazon Deals, All the Time group today:

Awesome Engineering Activities for Kids: 50+ Exciting STEAM Projects to Design and Build

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