Six Tips for Couponing at Bed Bath & Beyond

When purchasing new home goods such as kitchenware, sheets, and furniture, there are definitely options of where to shop. One of these options, Bed Bath & Beyond, is somewhat synonymous with coupons. But what’s the best way to use these coupons? And are there other ways to save, too?

Here are 6 Tips for Couponing at Bed Bath & Beyond

Stockpile the never-ending coupons

This one is probably the most well-known Bed Bath & Beyond couponing hack, but don’t forget that the store’s classic 20% Off coupons never expire! You can also stack Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, depending on how many items you’re purchasing.  Their only rule is that you can only use as many coupons as the amount of items you are buying.

If you don’t mind receiving extra mail to your physical mailbox sign up for their snail mail newsletter. You’ll receive Bed Bath & Beyond coupons throughout the month, as well as an occasional ad to flip through.

Search for “bonus gift card” offers

Online, some brands will offer a free Bed Bath & Beyond gift card with the purchase of a certain dollar amount. Essentially, this is a way to get “free” Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards.

For example, spend $399.99 on Anolon Cookware products from (during one online transaction) you are entitled to a $50 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card!
Or get a gift card back on your purchase of Shun Cutlery. Spend $199 or more and receive a $20 Gift Card. Spend $299 or more and receive a $30 Gift Card. Spend $399 or more and receive a $40 Gift Card.

Join the My Funds program

Sign up for the My Funds program. Shop online during special promotions and earn My Funds which can be redeemed on future purchases.


Always have a coupon with BEYOND+!  For just $29 a year, BEYOND+ members get 20% off their Entire Purchase and free shipping!

Always save your receipts

If you find an item for a lower price at a competitor like JCPenney or Walmart, bring it back with the receipt for a price match.

If an item you purchase goes on sale AFTER you’ve purchased, you can go get a price adjustment to the lower price. Also, we all know they always have coupons but if you happen to forget to use one, again, they can adjust the price accordingly.

Keeping a receipt is also handy if you DO have to make a return… you can make it without, but if you paid full price, you’ll lose 20% if you have no coupon and your purchase cannot be found in the system… this keeps people from cheating the system and buying with a coupon and returning for full price credit!

Get incentives from your wedding registry

If you’re planning a wedding, it would be wise to register at Bed Bath & Beyond. When your guests spend a certain dollar amount on gifts from specific brands, you can fill out a form that will reward you with gift cards, products, and other gifts.  There are various brands who offer incentives for purchasing things like dish sets and glassware solely from them. Simply fill out the form here.

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