When Is Easter 2021? Easter Dates Here. Prepare those Baskets!


when is Easter 2021

When is Easter, 2021?


Are you wondering when is Easter in 2021?

Easter is a holiday that doesn’t fall on the same day every year. Easter is a feast day on the Jewish calendar which uses the lunar cycles, so that the dates for holidays don’t match our solar calendar days.

Easter Sunday is always the Sunday following the paschal full moon date. The paschal full moon date is the ecclesiastical full moon date on or after March 21st.  So Easter is always after March 21st.  But since we are talking about lunar cycles that are 29 days long, the paschal full moon can fall well into April.

When is Easter 2021?

This year, in 2021, Easter will be Sunday, April 4th

Which means Ash Wednesday is February 17 (the first day of Lent)

Maundy Thursday is Thursday, April 1st

Good Friday is Friday, April 2nd


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In 2022, Easter will be on Sunday, April 17th.

In 2023, Easter will be on Sunday, April 9th.

It’ll be 2024 before Easter falls in March again, when it will be Sunday, March 31st.

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