February 6, 2021: National Frozen Yogurt Day Deals

Frozen Yogurt Day Deals

February 6, 2021, is National Frozen Yogurt Day!  YES!  I LOVE Frozen Yogurt.  This is a day that I am looking forward too!  If you have a frozen yogurt place near you, I’d pop in to see if they are having any deals.  (Some frozen yogurt places are locally owned/operated so just because they’re not on the list below doesn’t mean they won’t be having any specials.)

Here’s where to get FREE or discounted Yogurt on Saturday, February 6, 2021!

 I will update when I find more deals! 

2021 National Frozen Yogurt Day Deals:

16 Handles

Rewards members get 3 oz. of soft serve frozen yogurt and toppings for FREE on Feb. 6. You must download the 16 Handles app to take advantage of this sweet offer.  Also, if you make an additional purchase on Feb. 6, you will receive a $2.75 credit for your next visit anytime from Feb. 7 to 28.


No announcement for 2021 made yet.


No deals announced yet.

Red Mango

$5 Fill Up Cups at Red Mango  on National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Sweet Frogs

Check your Sweet Frogs loyalty account for a BOGO offer!


On Saturday, February 6, TCBY is offering a buy-one-get-one FREE frozen yogurt and toppings on Feb. 6, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m


No 2021 deals yet.

Yogurt Mountain

No deals announced yet but they usually do BOGO cups.  Being a rewards member is usually required.

Happy #NationalFrozenYogurtDay!  Enjoy your Frozen Yogurt Day deals!

I searched far and wide for deals as I learned that Yogurt shops are incredibly regional. Seems every region of the US has their own 2 or 3 chains.  We have a couple Yogurt Mountain shops nearby and a couple 32 degrees way outside my normal radius.  We used to have a Red Mango at the outlet mall but I think it closed.

Did I miss your local froyo spot?

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