Publix: 12 Deals You Need to See!

Check out these deals I recently got a Publix! The Oscar Mayer sale is over Tuesday but the rest are regular price deals with Ibotta offers or coupons that are stellar!

My store finally had the Ratio Keto yogurt so I was able to use my Publix digital coupon to get it free!

And I need to explain my Breakstone’s Sour Cream purchase.  It’s cheaper per ounce to buy the 16 oz instead of two 8 oz… unless…

There’s an Ibotta offer on ANY size that you can redeem TWICE

Breakstone’s sour cream 8oz – $1.50
$.75 cash back  from Ibotta (times TWO!)
=$1.50 for 2 – $.75 each

GFB High Protein Oatmeal – 2/$4.00
$2.50 cash back on TWO from Ibotta
=$1.50 for 2 – $.75 each!

Noosa l’il tubs – $1.00 (thru 1/29)
$1/2 Noosa Publix digital coupon
=$1.00 for 2 – $.50 each


KillCliff Ignite Energy Drinks – 2/$4.00
$2.99 cash back on THREE from Ibotta
=$3.01 for 3 – $1.00 each!

Oscar Mayer Wieners – BOGO $3.89 ($1.95 each)
$.50 cash back from Ibotta

Jason Toothpaste – $3.99
$2.40 cash back from Ibotta

Propel Powder Pack 10 sticks – $2.99
$1.00 cash back from Ibotta

Jason deodorant – $5.09
$3.05 cash back from Ibotta

Nature Valley PACKED Energy Bars – $3.99
$1 off Publix digital coupon

Sweetleaf Stevia Water Enhancers – $3.99
$.75 Publix digital coupon

SnapDragon apples bag – $4.99
$1.00 cash back from Ibotta

If you don’t have a Publix eCoupon account it’s easy to sign up.  You provide your phone number for your account, load your coupons and when you check out, tap your phone number into the pinpad at the register and it will deduct your coupons!


Saving at Publix with Digital Coupons – read more HERE!

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