FREE LARABAR at any store! | App

Okay, I have a confession to make, I’ve never used the App. I know, I know! What kind of coupon blogger am I?? I just never took the time to figure it out.  I love the Ibotta app and use about half a dozen others so when the app came out, I just wasn’t motivated to try it.

BUT that’s changing.  The app has gone through an update and I’ve decided now is the time to try it out!  For those of you that previously used SavingStar – no need for that app anymore.  SavingStar has closed and joined forces with the app! app has all your favorite coupons but in app form (no need to print and clip and remember to take to the store!)  The coupons then work as “cash back” instead of “amount off” at the register.

Don’t miss out on the FREE LARABAR offer right now!  It’s a great way to test out the app!

Purchase a LARABAR at any store by 1/13 and you’ll get the full purchase price back!


The APP has all the same coupons you can print from the printable coupon website (plus other exclusives like the occasional FREE item!)

But with the app, there’s no need to remember to print, clip and take your coupons to the store.  Your coupons are already in your pocket as long as you have your phone with you!  You can clip them in the store as you shop before you check out!

The money comes to you via Paypal AUTOMATICALLY!  There is NO minimum withdrawal amount.  There is no need to request your money!  It is AUTOMATIC on EVERY offer!

Isn’t that awesome?

You can redeem coupons at nearly ANY store.   Seriously, the store list is HUGE.  It includes all major retailers and grocers, and even some small grocery chains, and most any convenience store you can think of!

You can redeem by scanning your receipts after purchase OR if a store has a loyalty card, you can redeem that way.

So for Walmart, I would submit a receipt.  But for Walgreens I can link my Balance Rewards Card to the Coupons App before I shop and it will do all the work for my by applying my offers and sending my cash back!

This is so easy.  I don’t know why I waited so long to start using it!

Be sure to get your FREE Snickers Bar by November 8th.  Let me know what store you snag it from!

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