Amazon Epic Daily Deal: EXIT the Game at home Escape Room Games up to 51% off!

Looking for something new to try at family gatherings this year? 

May I suggest at-home escape room games?

Yes!  Hear me out!  My nieces are getting older and last year I wanted something we could hang out and do while the little kids played.  We always play board games/card games that everyone from grandparents down to the youngest can play together at the holidays but I wanted something fun just for the older kids to do.

So last year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, while waiting on our delicious food to be prepared, we played escape room games and we found our new Christmas tradition!

Today, Amazon has Exit: the Game at-home escape room games as part of their Epic Daily Deals and some are under $10!

Exit: Dead Man on The Orient Express is the cheapest at $7.39 but it’s a Level 4 (out of 5). If you solve that one, you will be a master escape room player!

Exit: The Sunken Treasure is priced at $9.09 in this sale and it’s the one we played at Christmas last year. It’s a Level 2 (out of 5) and it was challenging for the four of us! (Ages 13 to 18 and me).

These are one-time use games because you’ll be writing on and tearing up pieces to solve the clues.  So you may want to get more than one game!

There are SIXTEEN Exit: The Game choices in today’s Epic Daily Deal sale and the rest range in price from $9.99 to $11.00.  Grab one and have fun at your next gathering!

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