Target: Trade in a Car Seat for 20% off Other Baby Gear starts 9/13

The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event is starting September 13th. From 9/13 to 9/26 Target will give you a 20% off coupon when you trade in your old car seat. You can use this coupon to save on one new seat, stroller or select baby gear item.

Of course, it’s 2020, so things will run a little differently than years past!

How the Target Car Seat Trade-In Event Will Work in 2020


  • Take your old car seat to your local Target and drop it in the designated box outside the store between 9/13 and 9/26.
  • Open the Target App on your mobile device and scan the code on the drop off box.
  • Open your Wallet in the Target App and look for “Extra Offers”.  You should find the coupon.
  • Click the green checkmark next to the offer. You can then place an online order or scan your barcode at the register.



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