Nintendo Switch Lite Gray in stock for under $200!

I hear these are hard to come by right now. As with any large purchase you need to research it well. I don’t know much about the Nintendo Switch …. well, honestly, I don’t know anything. So the specs on this one may not be what you want. Be sure to read the product info carefully. But I am here to tell you that this one is available at the moment!

Hurry to Amazon for the Nintendo Switch Lite – Gray for $199.99. Slated to be in stock on September 18th, which is just the day after tomorrow. The good thing is you can order it NOW and it’ll ship when it’s in stock.

Target also has the Nintendo Switch Lite – Gray for $199.99 and it looks like it’s in stock with no wait.  You may even be able to pick it up at your local store today!

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