Cash Back from Ibotta on Walmart Grocery Pickup


The greatest thing to come out of 2020 is that I gotta finally started giving cash back on grocery pickup items!

But don’t miss this offer on your next pickup!

You can get cash back on your next pickup (or delivery!) Even if you don’t have any matching offers in your order! 

Just make sure you’ve activated (by pressing the plus sign in the circle) and they you use a Walmart account linked to Ibotta (more on that below)

I got $.50 but I’ve heard that it varies by user and yours could be $1 or $2!

Ibotta is giving us cash back on Walmart Grocery Pickup items! 

How does it work?  Make sure you add the offers you want to redeem to your list in your Ibotta app.  Then place your Walmart Grocery order through the Walmart app or online using the same account linked to your Ibotta account and it’s that easy!  When you purchase the items and pick them up, Ibotta does the work of matching them to the offers on your list!

Valid  on Walmart Delivery orders in areas where delivery is available!

Confused by Ibotta?  Never fear!  Here’s a step-by-step video I made on how to use it.  Including how to make sense of all the bonuses!




Not an Ibotta member?  Sign up here and you’ll be a part of my “team”!  With over 100 people on my team, we reach the team requirements every month.  Which means FREE money for you if you meet the personal requirements!


Have you signed up for Ibotta?  It’s a great money-saving app for your smartphone!  You “clip” the coupons you want.  Then when you purchase those items from a participating retailer you scan your receipt with your phone, scan the image barcodes and you get the cashback!  Plus, you can still use coupons in the store on the items, saving you EVEN MORE!

Don’t forget to check out the new “Bonuses” and “Store Extras” section of your app.

What are you waiting for?? Sign up for Ibotta today so you don’t miss out on any savings!

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