Where Can I Find Canning Jars or Canning Lids in stock?

find canning supplies

Apparently this is a hot commodity right now.  I see people online every day asking where they can find canning jars or the rings and lids because they’re out everywhere.

So of course, I had to set out on a hunt to find some.

Mind you, this is not an item I’ve ever priced before so I don’t know if these are normal prices, sale prices or inflated prices (I excluded ones that were clearly inflated.)  But since people are having such a hard time finding them, I included every offer that looked somewhat normal.

Ace Hardware has a large selection of Ball Canning Jars and accessories.

You can shop online and do curbside pickup at your local store (provided they have stock).  Some items are available for online purchase with shipping to home – but not all.  Prices seem fairly normal.  For example, 12 pint jars are $12.99.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has a small selection of Ball Canning jars.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has curbside pickup or free shipping on orders of $39 or more.

Target has Ball Canning products too.

Including the Ball Preserving Starter Kit.   I also found Ball 12pk Regular Mouth Lids With Out Bands for $2.39.  Target has curbside pick up or free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Tractor Supply has the best stock I’ve seen and possibly the best prices too.

Some are available in store and some are available online only – you’ll have to check each product you want.

This is all I was able to find outside of Amazon – who does NOT have good prices right now.  Walmart.com also came up short – except for third party items and the prices weren’t great.  So, if you’re looking for canning items, I’d check the above places.  I hope this helps you find the canning supplies you need!

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