*LAST DAY* Udemy: Online Courses as low as $9.99 | Coding/Robotic for Kids, Beginner Guitar Lessons and more!

Have you heard of Udemy? Udemy offers hundreds of educational courses in dozens (and dozens) of topics!  From business to college test prep, they have tons of courses.

And through August 27th, they are offering a lot of their courses for as low as $9.99!

With school they way it is this year leading many people to homeschool or have their kids home more than usual in a virtual/hybrid setup, it has opened up the opportunities to add things to your kids’ day that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  Which includes some Udemy courses!

If you have a high school kid struggling with math or science, Udemy has courses for them!

There are also a few courses scattered about that are geared towards kids, including several coding and robotics courses!

Coding for Kids and Build your First Ardunio Robot are included in the $9.99 courses!  (Click here for the Robotics page and then click on ‘Beginner Favorites’.)

Udemy even has music lessons and there’s a Beginner’s Guitar Course that’s just $9.99 too!

Hurry, you only have until August 27th to find your perfect course at a steep discount!

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