*Best Pencils Ever Created* Ticonderoga 96pk Pencils $10.28

These really are the BEST pencils.   We homeschool, and these are the only pencils I buy.  Others are just a waste of time and money.  These are worth the little extra, in my opinion!  But really, this deal is just over $.10 per pencil.  If you buy a 10 pack of Dollar Tree pencils, you’re paying $.10 per pencil.  So with this deal, you’re getting a higher quality pencil for the same per pencil price as the dollar store pencils!

This is not my image but it circulates on FB this time of year.  It’s a fair assessment of pencils!  Teachers across the country approve of Ticonderoga!

Amazon has Dixon Ticonderoga Wood-Cased 2HB Pencils, 96 Pencils for $10.28!   There are smaller packs of Ticonderoga pencils you can buy, but you might as well get the 96 because it’s a lower cost per pencil.

This deal has been circulating because everyone is looking for back to school deals… but just FYI – these pencils HAVE been cheaper.  $9.15 is the best price Amazon has run on them before.  So if you don’t NEED them right away… hold on.  We may have a better deal.


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