Retailers that are requiring Masks Nationwide (Updated 7/27)

Regardless of whether or not your state/county/district/city is requiring masks or not, many major retailers have issued mask policies at all their stores nationwide. The National Retail Federation, the main lobbying group for the retail industry, has made a call for all retailers to require customers wear masks in stores which is why we’re seeing stores doing this Here’s a list of stores and their mask policy:

American Eagle

American Eagle will now require customers to wear masks in their stores. They will also be providing masks to customers who don’t have one.

Apple Stores

Reopened Apple Stores are requiring face masks.

Bed Bath and Beyond

The requirement to wear masks took effect on July 24 at about 1,500 of its stores across North America.

Best Buy

Best Buy will require shoppers to wear face coverings at all of their stores nationwide starting Monday, July 20.


Costco has required masks since May 4th.


CVS will require shoppers to wear face coverings at all of their stores nationwide starting Monday, July 20.  But CVS is another retailer who has said they won’t confront shoppers who choose not to.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree stores nationwide are requiring masks.

Home Depot

Home Depot will require masks for shoppers starting Wednesday, July 22nd, but they too, will not confront shoppers who choose not to wear a mask.


Kohl’s will require shoppers to wear face coverings at all of their stores nationwide starting Monday, July 20.


Wednesday, July 22nd, Kroger shoppers will need a mask to shop.


Masks are required beginning Monday, July 20th. The customer service desk will supply free masks to any customers that need them.  But Lowe’s later said that they will not ask their employees to put themselves in harms way by trying to enforce the policy.


Starting July 20th, Meijer will require all customers to wear a face covering or mask when shopping in any Meijer store, Meijer Express or gas station.


Publix’s required face mask policy goes into effect on Tuesday, July 21st.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club’s face covering policy goes into effect Monday, July 20th.


All company-owned Starbucks locations in the United States will require face masks for customers who are going in-store for their purchases.


Beginning August 1st, Target will be requiring all customers to wear face masks when shopping in-store.   Note that they will be offering disposable masks upon entering for customers who do not have one.


Walgreens mask policy began on July 20th.



Walmart’s face covering policy went into effect Monday, July 20th.  Shortly after the policy went into effect, Walmart walked back their statement saying they will still serve unmasked customers because they do not want to deal with enforcing the policy and wishes to still provide friendly service to all customers.  Walmart stores may place employees called ‘health ambassadors’ at the entrance to stores reminding shoppers to wear a mask as they are walking in.   However, if customers refuse and also decline the offer of a free mask being given to them, the staff members are instructed to let the customers walk into the store and notify management ‘so that they can determine the next steps.’  A corporate video instructs ambassadors never to engage with a customer physically or try to block their entrance into the store.


After at first saying they wouldn’t, Winn–Dixie is requiring customers to wear masks.

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