Fidget Bands for Student Desks/Chairs 10 pk $8 off!

I think I need these to put around my dining room chairs!  If you have fidgety students at home or in the classroom, check out these fidget bands to help them get their fidgets out AND focus!

Fidget Chair Bands for Kids 10 pack – Flexible Seating Classroom Furniture for Kids with Fidgety Feet – Foot Bands for The Desk or Chair for Students with ADHD, Autism, or Sensory Needs – they’re $26.97 right now, currently discounted $8.03.  They have great ratings too!

There’s a lower priced option, Stretchy Resistance Fidget Bands for Kids 10 Pack, that’s only $13.99.  They’re not as highly rated as the others but still have 4 stars – so not terrible and half the price!

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