Target Store Closing Updates Due to Riots as of 6/2

Target’s store in Lake Street Minneapolis, MN, was destroyed by rioting and looting.  It’s closed for the forseeable future.  All they have said is there is a goal of reopening in late 2020.

Target is taking the safety of their employees seriously and has closed the following stores until further notice:

Stores closed until further notice:

  • Broadway Oakland, CA
  • Buckhead South Atlanta, GA
  • South Loop Chicago, IL
  • Uptown Minneapolis, MN
  • Washington Square W Philadelphia, PA

Also note that as many cities are enacting curfews, most stores are choosing to close at curfew hour (or an hour before the posted curfew) so be sure to check with your city officials and news resources.   Find more updates from Target here.

Under no circumstances do I condone violence against anyone or destruction against private property and businesses.  Riots and looting are going to cost someone something.  They’re going to cost a small business owner their profits.  They’re going to cost a single mom her job when her place of business has to close.  They’re going to cost someone’s hometown to lose revenue and property values to drop.  Rioting and looting is going to affect ALL of us in some way.  We’re going to see prices rise.  And you know me, I hate that!  We’re all doing our best to get by and this lawlessness is NOT going to help!  Destroying business and looting Target doesn’t bring justice to anyone.  And when the sun rises, you’ll find yourself living in a world a little worse than it was the day before.  Hate will never drive out hate.

This is my position and I’m sticking to it.  ~Tabitha

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