Hobby Lobby: Perler Beads Sale and Clearance | Everything 40% off | Some Kits under $2.00!

Are your kids into Perler Beads?  G saw some at a friend’s house recently and mentioned he’d like to try it because it looked fun.  We were out running errands today when he sprung this revelation on my, so I said, why not pop in Hobby Lobby and take a look?

Well, it was our lucky day because Perler Brand is 40% off!  (But it ends SATUDAY 6/6 – whew!  We were just in time!)

If you can’t make it to the store, the sale is happening online too!

1000 packs of Perler beads are just $1.79 after 40% off!

This really cool Avengers Perler Bead set (that my son is working on right now!) is just $5.99 after 40% off!  (regularly $9.99!)

BUT if you CAN get to the store, I would recommend it because some of the items that are 40% off regular price online are actually CLEARANCE in the store!

This 1000 piece Emoji set that is $4.19 online was just $1.74 in store today!  And we got another 2000 piece kit for $2.24!

This is a lot of crafting stuff for cheap!  Lots of screen-free fun for this summer when it’s too hot or raining!



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