Two Ingredient Skin Care Facial Mask

Spa Day at Home easy DIY facial mask

Are you wanting an amazing facial without leaving your house?  Let me introduce you to this two ingredient skin care facial mask!   It will leave your face feeling fresh, your pores small and a glow about you!

What are the two ingredients you ask?

That’s it!  In a small bowl, I mix 2 TBSP Indian Healing Clay with 1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar.  Stir it up.  If it’s too lumpy add more ACV a little at a time.  If it gets too runny, add a couple more pinches of clay.  You’re wanting a smooth but thick consistency to put on your face.

Spread generously on your face but not too thick or it’s going to take a while to dry.

It’s going to tingle!  That’s the best part.

Sit back and relax and let it do it’s magic!  As it dries it pulls and squeezes your pores, getting them super clean and shrinking them!

How do you know it’s done?

You’ll be able to tell that it’s dry because you feel like your face is going to crack!  But in a good way!  You can see in the picture above, it’s lightened up.  That’s where it’s dry.  The darker spots are a little moist still.  Try to smear it on evenly so it dries evenly.  And try to let it dry fully before taking it off.

How do you take it off?

You can wash your face over the sink but I prefer to do the mask before I take a shower so I can just rinse it off in the shower.

You want to use warm water and a washcloth and BLOT it off.  Do not rub until most of it off.  This is why I like taking it off in the shower because the shower helps “melt” the mask off your face.  If you start rubbing while it’s very dry, it’s going to hurt.

I do hope you enjoy treating yourself to a nice facial at home!

The jar of Indian Clay really lasts a long time! I’m still on my first jar and I’ve been using it for years!