Dollar Tree: Craftivities to Keep Busy During Quarantine

We were waiting for a food order to be ready last week and we ducked in Dollar Tree to pass the time.  I thought we might find something interesting in there.  With our usual stuff cancelled we have some time to fill.  I have to say, DT did not disappoint!  I feel like they’ve stepped up their game when it comes to what you can find in their stores and we walked out of there with a couple bags full of entertaining things.

Everything Is Just $1 At!

Dollar Tree has always been a great source of activity books, workbooks and readers for younger kids.  At 11, G’s outgrown them all but he loves Sudoku and they have Sudoku puzzles books for just $1!  We grabbed one of those and he’s be busily working Sudoku.  He’s mostly been keeping it in the car for something to do when we’re having to wait for carry out food, curbside delivery at the library or grocery pick up.

G is a LEGO fanatic and I know these DT bricks are not the real thing but they have some super fun sets!  G got one of each of their world landmarks collection of bricks.  These little buildings are so cute!  And not getting mixed up in his regular LEGOs because he put these together and put on a shelf to admire.  What a fun little activity and you could even challenge the kids to learn something about these buildings and where they are location!

If world landmarks are not your thing, these little farm sets are fun!  They have animals and vehicles, a windmill and more!  G got a couple “apple tree” sets and used them to make fun scenery for some of his LEGO builds.  The tree pieces are really unlike anything we’ve seen in regular LEGO.  He was happy with how his trees came out!

They also have packs of small baseplates and assorted single color bricks.  Again, I know it’s not real LEGO but these little sets have been a lot of fun!

Our Dollar Tree has a whole new craft section and obviously people have been buying it up because they need things to do!  Look at all these fun wood crafts just waiting to be painted!  They had signs, picture frames, trinket boxes, and even animals!

G picked out a couple picture frames to paint for me.

Which leads me to….

YES!  They do have the supplies to paint and decorate these wood crafts!

So, if you’re looking for things for the kids (or yourself!) to do with your free time, check out Dollar Tree and let me know what you find!

Everything Is Just $1 At!


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