We found a new book series during Quarantine | Perfect for the whole family!

I know everyone has been trying to find new ways to entertain themselves and new things to do with quarantine and all.  One thing that started about a week or so into the shutdown, was that Andrew Peterson starting doing a nightly read aloud of book one of his series, The Wingfeather Saga.   Haven’t heard of it?  That’s okay, I’ll fill you in!

There is an animated short film (15 minutes) that gives you the opening synopsis of book one, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.  We watched it (free to watch on Amazon Prime.  I think it might also be on Youtube?)  After watching it we KNEW we wanted to listen in on the read aloud.  We were able to do a curbside pickup at Books-a-Million and get book one before the read aloud started, because at that time (a month ago) Amazon shipping was a mess and I didn’t want to wait weeks for the book.  But now things have leveled out and you can order On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness from Amazon.  You can totally tune in to the nightly read alouds without a copy of the book.  But we’ve enjoyed having it because sometimes we can’t stand the cliffhangers and read ahead (shhhh!  Don’t tell!)

Well, because this has gone on WAY LONGER than anyone expected, Peterson started reading from book two, North! or be Eaten a week ago.  We thoroughly enjoyed book one.  But book two?  WOW.   We have laughed, we have cried, we have been on the edge of our seats!  And I don’t even think we’re halfway through the book yet.

Now you might think since you’re just now finding out about this that you’re behind and there is no catching up.  But you can!  Of course, you can order the books for yourself and read them (books one and two are available in the newly released illustrated hardcover edition – books three and four won’t be rereleased until September and the original edition paperbacks are out of print so the only way to read them is on Kindle or listen through Audible at the moment.)

But, ALL the nightly readalouds are still available on Facebook.  But no one knows for how long.  Peterson said he has fought with his publishing company about leaving them up and they’ll be up for as long as he can hold out.  This link will take you directly to night one.  Each night’s reading is 40ish minutes or so.  You can easily catch up on two or three a day.

I really hope you’ll check out these books.  It reminds me of the times of when families would gather around the radio and listen to stories together.  The Wingfeather Saga is great for all ages.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it together as a family!

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