Is Your Store Limiting Milk Purchases? You Need to Report Them (Must Read!)

I have not seen stores limiting milk purchases (though I’ve only been to Aldi and Dollar General since this mess got bad) but apparently there are stores that are.  Have you seen a store putting a limit on how much milk you can buy?  If so, you need to report them!

There is NO SHORTAGE ON MILK.  In fact, according to these reports coming out of Ohio, dairy farmers are having to dump perfectly good milk because there is no where to send it!

Because of school and restaurant closures, milk plants and dairy processors are overloaded with milk and product and no where to send it.  Forcing farmers to dump milk.  Milk prices are down and the economy is unstable which is bad for the dairy farmers.  The last thing they need is to have to dump product!

So in light of this, there is no reason for stores to be limiting your milk and dairy purchases.  You need to BUY milk.  More than usual if you can (did you know you can freeze milk?).  Buy enough to let your kids drink it three meals a day.  They’d be drinking it with their school lunches anyway!  So by extra to offset what the schools are not using.

Anyone who  sees a store limiting the purchase quantity on milk to take a photo of the limit sign, note the location, date and time, and email it to