Improve the Air Quality in your Home with Highly Rated Air Filters Delivered Automatically

Social Distancing Keeping You Home?  Air Quality Should Help, Not Hurt!

The lines at the store may be long, supplies are running low and people all over the nation are trying to clean anything they see around them. Most of us have started hunkering down in our homes in an effort to practice the recommended “Social Distancing”. Your hands may be cleaner than they’ve ever been, perhaps you’ve cleaned your counters, floors, clothes, walls, pets? But, did you consider the part of your home you can’t see? That’s right, my friend, I’m talking about air!

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This is the subscription service EVERYONE NEEDS.   Especially right now!

Head over to Second Nature and set up your subscription for the MERV 13 air filters.  These filters are among the most effective air filters you can buy for your home and can actually remove some virus carriers (aka: droplet nuclei) from the air you breathe. MERV 13 filters have success filtering very small particles out of your air, even smaller than a single micron. It will by no means catch everything, no filter will, but a MERV 13 will catch a significant number of particles between 1 and 5 microns, and a good number of ones even smaller than that.

Second Nature will deliver your filters right to your door!  How’s that for social distancing?

It’s also POLLEN SEASON in a lot of places.  And I can tell you, these filters have done great for helping us manage our seasonal allergies by keeping the house clear of allergens.  And I’ve noticed I even have to dust LESS since I started using better air filters!

Do you have a hard time remembering to change your air filter?  Check out Second Nature!  Get your air filters delivered to you when its time to change them.  You can choose between three grades of filters – LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen and SuperAllergen so you can get the right filter for you!

Plus, click here for the special offer to get your first filter FREE!  Just choose the one that is right for you and see if the Second Nature subscription service makes your life easier! 

 Click here to give it a try!   I mean, really, I could have come up with this idea…..if I didn’t forget about my air filter all.the.dang.time. Plus, once you sign up and love it, you can refer your friends.  They get $20 off their first order and you get $10 for referring them!

Try Second Nature, Free Today!

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